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Abdul Razak Kaddouri Bagdad


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Abdul Razak Kaddouri Bagdad | Imported by
Manufacturer/Factory in/by/for: Believed to be Solo Match Works, Czechoslovakia
Country of Origin: Not Stated
Price and/or Contents: None stated.
Year of Issue: Believed to be between c1910 to c1930
Size: 85 x 56 mm
Condition: Unmounted Mint and in Pristine Condition | There are no nicks, tears or marks and no signs of previous stamp hinge use.  In all respects, the condition is as described
Rarity: These labels are not easy to come by and are becoming less so as they gradually end up in peoples collections.  This naturally reduces their availability and thus makes them harder to find.  Even so, the asking price has been set at a sensible level considering the quality of the label and that it is probably between 80 to 100 years old.
Additional Information: In the earlier part of the 20th century, there were many importers and distributors of matchboxes and this label would have been used for that specific purpose as the majority of middle eastern countries did not have match manufacturing facilities during the time period in question.
Encyclopedia SKU Code: ABDU_590_0102042100101