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Oriental Script Labels

Western European text is considered the defacto language when identifying the Country of Origin of a label and naturally, labels are loctated under the Country of Origin stated on the label.  However, not all labels display the Country of Origin in English - the language of choice - and where this occurs, it is necessary to look at alternative solutions  to home or locate such labels.  Labels issued with Oriental Script present their own set of problems and it is hoped that the information supplied here will go a long way to identifying where in this store such labels are located for sale.  Labels from the following countries can be expected to be located under the general heading of Oriental Script albeit the terminology may not be 100% correct.

China, Japan, Burma (Myanamar), Malaysian States, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) plus any other countries from the middle or far east that have some style of script as the defacto language of the country concerned.  India & Pakistan are excluded from this list as they are identified separately in their own right.

To maintain a simple but consistent method of location, all labels displaying Oriental Scripting (as identified above) have been located 

have been placed in their  own code pages