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2. Postage Rates Rest of the World

Postage Rates
Rest of the World - Zones 1 & 2


Please note that from 30th April 2012, Royal Mail drastically changed their postage rates and weight limit levels.  These changes are significant and therefore, because of this, I have invested in a set of metric electronic scales which are accurate to +/- .001 of a gram.  I would therefore like to reassure all my customers both home and abroad that the postage & packaging costs that are added to any order are as lean as I can make them without me actually subsidising the postage myself.

Part of the restructuring by Royal Mail included changing the way they charged for mail being sent to Rest of the World Zones 1 and 2.  Before April 2012, it was possible to send nearly all mail by "Letter Rate" and the weight allowances were quite generous.  However, since April 2012, the first stage letter weight is only 10 grams.  Whilst this would appear to be fairly reasonable given the weight of a single box or packet label, it is easily reached because Royal Mail have changed their rules in that now, there must be a letter or document in the envelope to qualify for the term "Letter Rate".  Prior to April 2012, this new rule didn't apply.  If the envelope does not contain a letter or document, then the package rate has to be applied and this is a very expensive way to send letters.  Therefore, it is now necessary to include a packing note with all orders being sent to the rest of the world.

This change in the Rest of the World weight values has created a minor problem because the weight values of all of the labels on this site have been calculated using the rates applicable to UK and European mail which have a much higher 1st tranche weight allowance.  Having a letter or document enclosed with the labels being sent to addresses in the UK or Europe does not affect the overall price being charged for postage.  However, it does affect the cost of labels being sent to the rest of the world.  

Consequently, the only way I can compensate for the additional weight being included with labels being sent to the "Rest of the World - Zones 1 & 2" is to apply a fixed surcharge.  Currently, the postage rate charge being added to most orders is 93p (this is the 1st tranche rate for a letter weighing less than 10 grams and would allow for approximately 15 - 20 box labels to be sent without a letter being included).  However, an envelope, one sheet of paper, a single packet label and security tape to seal the envelope weighs 11 - 12 grams.  Therefore, for the majority of sales, I am at the present paying the 2nd tranche rate which is £1.28.  This is a difference of 35 pence.

Therefore, it is necessary to include a "Rest of the World" Postage Surcharge of 35p.  However, if the physical cost to send the letter is less than the surcharge, I will apply the difference as a discount voucher for the customers next order.