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This is the Main Index Page for Single Box Labels of Japan.  From the Categories Box on the left you can see all the letters for which I have Single Box Labels for sale.  The numbers in brackets after the appropriate letter indicate the total number of labels available for that letter.  You can also select from the Image Format Index listed below but visitors should note that  the numbers in brackets are not displayed.  Over a number of years, Japan produced a prolific array of matchbox labels inscribed with just Made in Japan.  It is generally agreed that the value of these labels is calculated at 1p to 1.5p per year of age.  Therefore, as most were produced in the period of c1913 - c1914 and c1939, I have priced the Made in Japan issues [which are located under 304 Box Sgls M] using this rule of thumb method.

Many early Japanese labels are printed on very thin paper which, over the years has made them become very brittle.  As a consequence of this, many will display small nicks and cuts.  However, to all but the most meticulus of collectors, this type of damage is an acceptable reality.  For the benefit of visitors to this store, the prices shown on this web site take into account any damage that any individual label may have.  Unused and used labels are always listed individually but same design & size labels will also be displayed separately where condition is an issue.  Ultimately, it is the visitors choice which label to select, if any.  More seriously damaged labels are also available at heavily reduced prices elsewhere on this web site [see Categories Box to the left of this page - All Damaged Labels] for those who need to fill a space in their collection, but do not want to pay the higher prices associated with some labels.

Clicking on the letter of your choice from either the Categories Box on the left or the Image Format Index immediately below this text will load the Sales Page of that letter into your browser.  Remember, you can always return to the Home Page at any time by clicking on Home in the breadcrumb trail immediately above or Home in the Quick Links Tag - top left!    

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