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Friday 29th August 2015.  The last few months have been somewhat testing but everything that needed to be done in respect of my late mother has been done.

It looks like the summer is nearly over and the nights are starting to draw in again.  Over the next few weeks I will start to load new material to the web site whilst a the same time I will gradually get my new site ready for opening.  I have a lot of labels and associated material to upload so I hope that I will be able to satisfy one and all.  Thankyou

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Special Notice for New Customers:  After creating a customer profile, you will be sent a Welcome Email explaining the benefits of the store and at the same time I receive an email informing me that you have registered.  I need to physically activate your account before you can use it to make any purchases and this is usually completed within 2 or 3 hours of registering.  However, if for some reason I haven't activated your account after 12 hours, please contact me immediately via email and I will expidite your request.

Sussex Matchbox Labels 3

Welcome to Sussex Matchbox Labels 3 - Your one stop eCommerce store for everything phillumenic.  The address of this store is and it is only that address that should be bookmarked or saved in your Favourites folder.  This third edition of my eCommerce store has been completely redesigned so as to make any visit to the store much more worthwhile and rewarding.  The Home Page - the page you are currently viewing has been completely revamped and this page is further explained below.

The first part of the Categories Module covers the different types of label - specifically: Box; Packet; Artb (all round the box) & Gross. In addition, it also covers the varieties within those groups such as Singles, Series and Odd labels from Series. There is also one further entry which relates specifically to cut panels from Artb's - which was commonplace in the late 19th & early 20th centuries. Clicking on any of those typesof label will bring up a list of countries relevent to the type of label in question.  After the listed Types of Label, you will find 18 sub-sections covering such areas as Miscellaneous & Damaged Labels,Complete Wooden & Cardboard Matchboxes, Publications, Catalogues, Magazines & Assorted Packets to name just a few.

A new and very helpful addition to this store is the displaying of numbers in brackets after each entry in the Categories Module.  On this Home Page, the numbers after each label type relate to the total quantity of items for sale within that label type.  These numbers are then broken down and allocated to each Country according to the number of items for sale within that Country.  No numbers displayed after a Country indicate that currently there are no items for sale.

Store Instructions
Where possible, a full description of each label will be displayed along with an SKU number.  However, such descriptions cannot always be guaranteed especially when I am unsure of certain details, such as date of issue, country of origin or rarity.  SKU numbers in blue indicate "Used" labels and SKU numbers in red indicate "Mint or Unused" labels.  

Where more than one label is displayed that looks identical, please be sure to read the description for each label - as there will be a difference.  Where there is more than one copy of a single label, then the number available will reflect this.  However, visitors are advised that quite often, there is only one label of a design available and the term WIGIG [when its gone its gone] applies.

Please be advised that where there is more than one copy of a label listed, the stores software has been programmed to prevent more than one copy of a label being selected.  The reason why I have done this is so that other visitors can benefit from the labels I have for sale.  Also, please be advised that until you check out your cart, any item held in it can be bought by another visitor - this particularly applies to customers carts that are saved with items in it for purchase at a later time or date.

There are two ways to populate a customers cart.  Method 1. For each selection, the customer is taken to their cart and then they must click an icon to continue shopping.  Method 2.  The customer selects the items they want and a rolling quantity & price is displayed at the top of the page they are viewing.  When they have finished their purchases, they then click on the "Shopping Cart Logo" and they are taken to the shopping cart page which then displays all the items they have selected.  As many of my customers buy more than a dozen labels at a time, I have set the stores software to work using Method 2 as Method 1 can be very time consuming.  Store Tip:  Each time you select an item check the "Shopping Cart Logo" above to see that both the quantity and price increases. 

I am continually uploading new material to the store and visitors will be advised at the top of this page as this happens.  In conclusion, I will as time permits, populate more match producing countries, so as to extend the number of countries being represented in the store.  Please enjoy your visit and - happy hunting!!

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